High Speed Motorized Grinding Spindle With Air Purge. Variable Speeds, Taper Nose For Standard Wheel Adapter.


High Speed Motorized Grinding Spindle With Air Purge And 12″ Extended Nose. Fits Manual Or CNC Lathes.


Motorized Grinding Spindle And Custom Swivel Adapter Plate Mounted On CNC Lathe.


Custom Adapter Plates Fit Any Manual Or CNC Lathe.


Inverter System Controls Variable Spindle Speeds Of High Speed Motorized Grinders.


Programmable Controller For Inverter With Readout Display In Hertz Or R.P.M.




Motorized Grinding Spindle With Diamond Grinding Wheel Mounted on Extended Wheel Adapter


Extended Wheel Adapter.          Cup Wheel Adapter.





 Collet Holder With Assorted Collet Sizes.



Standard Wheel Adapter. 





Flange Wheel Adapter.      Extended Spindle Nose.